ScubaWelcome to PANGA USA LLC. 

We are the exclusive importer and distributor for IMEMSA pangas in the U.S.  Imemsa is the boat division of Yamaha of Mexico.  This is not an Americanized panga with wide beam and deep V hull.  This is the real deal; built in the traditional manner with all the benefits of the original Yamaha hull design built in.  Our boats don't need high horsepower with high fuel consumption to make them go.  That would defeat the purpose of a panga.  For a 26 foot boat, 115 horsepower is more than adequate.  Yamaha designed the original fiberglass panga more than 40+ years ago.  That was the start of the fiberglass panga.  Imemsa builds more than 900 boats a year and is the largest panga builder in Mexico and Central America.  All models are available in the U.S. from 14 feet to 33 feet.  All models are available in a "hull only" configuration.   Some of their models are meant to be "tiller steered" in the traditional manner.  Every Imemsa comes with foam floatation,  a blue rub rail with white insert, and frontal graphics.  Models from 26' and up are available with flat,  non-skid floor through out, center console, forward anchor locker and fuel tank under the floor.

All Imemsa pangas come with a white hull exterior and a speckled gray interior.

TraileredModels which come from the factory without floor, tank, console etc can have everything done here by a very competent shop.

Titling a foreign panga in the U.S. is not a problem.  We provide a manufacturer's/importer's statement of origin along with a U.S. hull identification number and a receipt for funds.  We are registered with the USCG and are able to produce our own unique hull ID number. The registration process is the same as it would be for a new U.S. built boat.
Here at PANGA USA LLC we also offer all brands of outboard motors.  Shop us last for your new motor and see how competitive we can be.  We sell YAMAHA, SUZUKI, HONDA, EVINRUDE AND MERCURY.  Aluminum trailers with torsion suspension are available from Coastline and TNT Mfg.  T-Tops, leaning posts, and all accessories are also available.
Tired of no fuel mileage?  Try an Imemsa panga.  Try the real thing.  Get the mileage you deserve.  Ask an Imemsa owner if he got great service and if he's happy with his purchase.  We do everything in our power to make a customer feel the way he should feel after a purchase.
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